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Healing Effect While Listening To Music

202px Static Age cover Healing Effect While Listening To Music

Britain scientists discovered that elder people feel improved memory boost while they listen to music from their young days. For example, test group which consisted of old people who were under 87 year old said they felt warm memories after listening to Beatles music. Not only memories come alive but also forgotten fealings and emotions: related to love, youth period, family problems.

So put some Beatles music to your grandparents if you want to help them to improve memory and be sure to hear interesting stories from the past.

Car Driving Health Tips

Cars can relief your daily life, but if you obey certain rules, you can pay with your nerves and health. Some simple rules to follow when driving in traffic jams.

What every driver should remember.

Driving a car is not only a pleasure but also responsible job that requires concentration. Even in heavy traffic jams don’t:

  • Write text messages on your cell phone (even when the car stopped you should watch what’s going on the sreet

Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection

copper ring Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection


Healing copper features were known long ago. This metal actively participates in the supply of blood to the tissues and in the metabolic reactions. Healthy people should get about 2mg of copper per day. It is assumed that 1 liter water contains about 1mg of copper so if you drink 2 liters of water everyday you should get the minimum amount of copper to stay healthy.

Copper is found in such products like meat, fish, bread, peas, various fruits and vegetables. Huge amount of copper is found in the champignons, potatoes, kidneys, liver, egg yolk, whole grains and in some sea products. All these products should be included in your diet. On the contrary diary products can lead to copper deficiency in the body. In ancient times copper was used to heal various ailments. Continue reading ‘Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection’

10 Negative Effects of Sugar On Your Health

Does sugar affect your health and is it so bad? Read on and learn how to enrich your meal with more nutrients and healthier food products.

1. Sugar cause sudden increase in glucose level.

Uneven sugar level in your blood often cause mood changes, sudden tiredness, constant headache and the desire to eat even more sugar. Slowly it becomes a habit and new dose of sugar cause only temporary relief, however after few hours sugar deficiency and hunger become even stronger. On the other hand, those who don’t overuse sugar feel stronger and more vital. Continue reading ’10 Negative Effects of Sugar On Your Health’

Healthy Minerals in the Food Products

minerals healthy Healthy Minerals in the Food Products


Zinc increases brain power, it participates in the synthesis of proteins, is involved in regulation of muscle contractions, and improves the overall mood, provides viability.

Products consisting high levels of zinc: meat, liver, seafood, pumpkin seeds, eggs, lean (up to 2.5 percent. fat) milk, beer yeast.

Zinc deficiency symptoms are: enlarged prostate, not well formed genitals.

Zinc consuption increase when the body has a lot of group B vitamins, also those suffering of diabetes. Eating too much sweets during the day results in about 3 mg of zinc loss. Continue reading ‘Healthy Minerals in the Food Products’

Urination Disorders And Treatment

women health urine problems blader Urination Disorders And TreatmentTwo out of three women suffer from urinary disorders, one of three women is in non-compliance with passing urine, for 15% it happens every day. This is not only a problem for older women, because the 1 in 6 women under age 30 complains too. Patients loose normal life in many things, damage is clearly done to their social life, personal and sexual relationships, career and psychological well-being.

What are the most common causes of urinary incontinence?

Urinary problems occur when the bladder is too contracting too often. These contractions are not controlled and are provoked, for example, by the hand immersion in cold water or while listening to the sound of running water. This is called irritable urinary bladder.
The urine leaks during physical load, although the desire to urinate isn’t expressed. Medically this is called urinary incontinence during physical exertion.
Reasons for urinary incontinence often are complex. Continue reading ‘Urination Disorders And Treatment’