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Laser Printers And Danger!

 Laser Printers And Danger!

Laser printer

Laser printer ink powder is dangerous to your health and contains hazard materials. In addition, some models ejects such substances into the environment.  You can reduce or even avoid adverse impact by following these rules:

1) Place laser printer on your desktop so that its fans would not be directed to the work place. Ideally, locate laser printer in separate room.
2) Premises where there are laser printers should be well ventilated. If you print multiple pages in a row, you should open a window and leave the premises.
3) While being close to laser printer do not eat.
4) Observe that the print powder won’t fall on your skin. If filling the cartridges yourself wear rubber or disposable gloves (gloves are unnecessary just replacing the cartridge). If the powder falls on the skin, wash in the cold water and soap.
5) If the powder accidentally were spilled, don’t blow it away, use wet cloth to collect dangerous powder.
6) Be careful eliminating stuck paper sheets from your printer: they can be powdered, and it may get on your skin.

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