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Car Driving Health Tips

Cars can relief your daily life, but if you obey certain rules, you can pay with your nerves and health. Some simple rules to follow when driving in traffic jams.

What every driver should remember.

Driving a car is not only a pleasure but also responsible job that requires concentration. Even in heavy traffic jams don’t:

  • Write text messages on your cell phone (even when the car stopped you should watch what’s going on the sreet
  • Eat. First it istracts from driving, second it is unhealthy because it prevents proper digestion. Food is taken with dirty hands.
  • Read books. When you are reading you are not watching outside situation so it is possible danger for you and other drivers.

What hurry people should remember.

Active people always are in a hurry and become nervous when they are late. So they can take risk that can cause dangerous situations.
If you want to be on time, try to drive earlier than usual when traffic jams are not formed. After work don’t rush at home with everybody. Wait at least half an hour and traffic jams will be less intense.
Avoid straight highways as there tends to be a lot of traffic.
If you have to rive a lot during work day, have in mind several alternative paths in case of road blocks.
If you are stuck in the traffic, don’t get angry, better relax and think of important tasks.

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