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Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection

copper ring Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection


Healing copper features were known long ago. This metal actively participates in the supply of blood to the tissues and in the metabolic reactions. Healthy people should get about 2mg of copper per day. It is assumed that 1 liter water contains about 1mg of copper so if you drink 2 liters of water everyday you should get the minimum amount of copper to stay healthy.

Copper is found in such products like meat, fish, bread, peas, various fruits and vegetables. Huge amount of copper is found in the champignons, potatoes, kidneys, liver, egg yolk, whole grains and in some sea products. All these products should be included in your diet. On the contrary diary products can lead to copper deficiency in the body. In ancient times copper was used to heal various ailments.

Copper is known for the ability to kill germs. In a case of bruise it is advised to place copper coin on the hurting place. You can heal painful places by putting copper things (collar, wire) on them.
Copper ring can help when you feel pain in the palm joints.

Diabetes is treated with copper sulphate bath. It reduces the need of insulin for diabetics. Pour 1-2 table spoons copper sulphate in the hot bath. Repeat this procedure 1 or 2 times per week for about 15 minutes. Healing course consists of 10-15 such baths. You can repeat whole course 4-6 times in a year.

Nowadays it is very popular to wear copper bracelets. Copper level should be no less than 99%. It is believed that wearing copper bracelet on the right hand helps to relieve headache, insomnia, diabetes, impotence. Wearing bracelet on the left hand helps for high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and tachycardia. Copper bracelet should be used for 2 years and it should be cleaned on a constant basis, otherwise the healing power diminishes.

Copper tools can reduce the risk of germs and infections. Try to replace iron door handles, water taps and switches to copper alternatives.

Interesting experiment where held in one clinic. All water taps and closet covers were replaced by copper parts. Doors were also covered with copper sheets. 2 times per day scientists were taking samples from these areas and comparing them with usual taps and covers. Germ levels on the copper parts were 95% less than on usual parts.

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