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Cabbage Juice Health Benefits

cabbage Cabbage Juice Health BenefitsCabbage – one of the most favorite vegetable by many which is often used in the various salads and soups. This vegetable is also very healthy and has many vitamins. Cabbages has a lot of vitamin U, which regulates metabolism, protects against atherosclerosis and ulcers. These vegetables are also rich in phytoncides, which kill some disease causing bacteria, as well as many tartroncide acid, which prevents that carbohydrates do not produce fats.

Over time, vitamin and mineral levels in cabbage decrease, but even after several months, they still retain its healthy properties. The loaf has unevenly distributed vitamin content – outer leaves has twice as much vitamins as inner ones.

It is advised to eat about 300 grams of cabbage each day. They can be enjoyed with any food. In particular, eat a healthy variety of cabbage salad. Human body perfectly digests cauliflower fiber. Fresh cabbage juice is very suitable for patients with gastritis, gall bladder or bowel inflammation also for duodenal ulcer. Sore throat can also be rinsed with the fresh cabbage juice: you can prepare 1 liter juice from 2 kilos cabbage. Wash the kale head and let the water drain. Slice cabbage with stainless steel knife and squeeze juice with special machine or meat grinder, then filter it. Vitamins U and C decompose quickly so keep cabbage juice in the refrigerator no more than 2 days. Keep it in a glass or enamel dishes.

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