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Honey – instead of antibiotics? Honey Health Benefits

honey Honey   instead of antibiotics? Honey Health BenefitsHoney can effectively eradicate the bacteria causing chronic runny nose.

Ottawa (Canada), University staff studied the effects of honey to 11 strains of microorganisms, including a gold staphylococci and pseudomallei (biochemical dead stick). Both of these pathogens often become resistant to antibiotics. The experiment showed that the honey kills bacteria both in fatty environment and bioslick at the surface of water. Honey was equivalent to antibiotics. In addition to this, the bacteria resistant to antibiotics didn’t survive contact.

The virus most often disappears by itself and do not need treatment with antibiotics. Bacteria-induced rhinitis is treated with antibiotics if necessary. But if bacteria are becoming resistant to them, a runny nose may become chronic. In this case, scientists believe, honey can effectively replace antibiotics and be the cure for the disease.

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