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Cell Phone Effects To Your Health

cell phone women  Cell Phone Effects To Your Health


Dermatologists warn that more and more people complain of ear and facial rash, which is an allergic reaction to nickel caused by speaking mobile phone. British Association for the dermatologists observed that many sufferers are mobile speaking people.

Telephones are often covered with nickel. In Great Britain one of the most common allergy is allergy to nickel. It is believed that 30 percent people in UK suffers from it.

Doctors noticed large number of people allergic to nickel, when examining patients with facial and ear rashes. Continue reading ‘Cell Phone Effects To Your Health’

How To Clean Broken Mercury Thermometer?

mercury thermometer How To Clean Broken Mercury Thermometer?


Although by the next year in accordance with the requirements of the EU mercury thermometers will not be sold anymore, today they are still very popular in many households. According to consumers, they are not only cheaper than electronic but also more reliable. The trouble is  that they often fall on the ground and crash , and the floor spread of mercury into the air bubbles emit toxic vapors that are harmful to our health.

Many consumers believe that crashed mercury thermometer isn’t a bad thing, but specialists argue otherwise and encourages to collect the mercury spills. Continue reading ‘How To Clean Broken Mercury Thermometer?’

Pumpkin – Diet Vegetable With Many Good Health Features

pumpkin Pumpkin   Diet Vegetable With Many Good Health FeaturesPumpkin – annual vegetable, originated from the South and Central America. There are many different species of pumpkins.

Although our lunch or dinner tables with pumpkin dishes are not very common, it is worth to try. 100 grams of pumpkin contains 128 mg of vitamin A, 12 mg of vitamin C, 1.1 mg of vitamin E, some B group vitamins, it is rich in carbohydrates – starch, sugar, pectin. As well as minerals – potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. 100 grams of these vegetables contains 25 kcal of energy. Continue reading ‘Pumpkin – Diet Vegetable With Many Good Health Features’

Honey – instead of antibiotics? Honey Health Benefits

honey Honey   instead of antibiotics? Honey Health BenefitsHoney can effectively eradicate the bacteria causing chronic runny nose.

Ottawa (Canada), University staff studied the effects of honey to 11 strains of microorganisms, including a gold staphylococci and pseudomallei (biochemical dead stick). Both of these pathogens often become resistant to antibiotics. The experiment showed that the honey kills bacteria both in fatty environment and bioslick at the surface of water. Honey was equivalent to antibiotics. In addition to this, the bacteria resistant to antibiotics didn’t survive contact. Continue reading ‘Honey – instead of antibiotics? Honey Health Benefits’