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10 Negative Effects of Sugar On Your Health

Does sugar affect your health and is it so bad? Read on and learn how to enrich your meal with more nutrients and healthier food products. 1. Sugar cause sudden increase in glucose level. Uneven sugar level in your blood often cause mood changes, sudden tiredness, constant headache and the desire to eat even more […]

Cabbage Juice Health Benefits

Cabbage – one of the most favorite vegetable by many which is often used in the various salads and soups. This vegetable is also very healthy and has many vitamins. Cabbages has a lot of vitamin U, which regulates metabolism, protects against atherosclerosis and ulcers. These vegetables are also rich in phytoncides, which kill some […]

Pumpkin – Diet Vegetable With Many Good Health Features

Pumpkin – annual vegetable, originated from the South and Central America. There are many different species of pumpkins. Although our lunch or dinner tables with pumpkin dishes are not very common, it is worth to try. 100 grams of pumpkin contains 128 mg of vitamin A, 12 mg of vitamin C, 1.1 mg of vitamin […]

Honey – instead of antibiotics? Honey Health Benefits

Honey can effectively eradicate the bacteria causing chronic runny nose. Ottawa (Canada), University staff studied the effects of honey to 11 strains of microorganisms, including a gold staphylococci and pseudomallei (biochemical dead stick). Both of these pathogens often become resistant to antibiotics. The experiment showed that the honey kills bacteria both in fatty environment and […]