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Healing Effect While Listening To Music

Britain scientists discovered that elder people feel improved memory boost while they listen to music from their young days. For example, test group which consisted of old people who were under 87 year old said they felt warm memories after listening to Beatles music. Not only memories come alive but also forgotten fealings and emotions: […]

Car Driving Health Tips

Cars can relief your daily life, but if you obey certain rules, you can pay with your nerves and health. Some simple rules to follow when driving in traffic jams. What every driver should remember. Driving a car is not only a pleasure but also responsible job that requires concentration. Even in heavy traffic jams […]

Laser Printers And Danger!

Laser printer ink powder is dangerous to your health and contains hazard materials. In addition, some models ejects such substances into the environment.  You can reduce or even avoid adverse impact by following these rules:

Copper and Health. Copper Can Save From Infection

Healing copper features were known long ago. This metal actively participates in the supply of blood to the tissues and in the metabolic reactions. Healthy people should get about 2mg of copper per day. It is assumed that 1 liter water contains about 1mg of copper so if you drink 2 liters of water everyday […]